Quality Assurance

Apart from three field officers and four field supervisors, Top Of Mind® has more than 30 male and female expert interviewers, who can work on various fields : Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Libya.

Our on-site team who is in charge of data processing uses utmost software: Snap Surveys®, QPSMR®, Runner®, EPI INFO®, Dimensions® and NIPO®.

Our expertise is based on the reliability and accuracy of our processes, as shown below:

Phase 1

Pilot Stage

  • A pilot test is carried out in each location mentioned to test suitability of questions and operational aspects.
  • The pilot study consists of 30 completed interviews.
  • Pilot results including raw data shall be submitted, based on approval, the entire fieldwork will be carried.
Phase 2

Interviews Stage

Actual face-to-face surveys are conducted with the respondents using a predefined structured questionnaire.

Phase 3

Post-interview Stage

  • Data entry and data processing
  • Raw data delivered in MS Excel (.xls).
  • Analysis
  • Reports

Quality and reliability of research process are strictly back checked:

  1. Physical back check

    30% of samples go for physical verification by team leader on field and are conducted on the second day after the interview is completed.

  2. Telephonic back check

    70% of samples are back checked by independent quality checking team, 2 or 3 days after the receipt of questionnaires

Quality Assurance Loop - Top of Mind Tunisia