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You know it more than anyone else : a marketing strategy is a huge challenge. Top Of Mind® accompanies you through all stages of your marketing strategy and planning, helping you reduce the risk. We call up the most relevant methodology and means according to your project. We thus give you an extensive overview about your consumers’ behaviours, attitudes and representations about your product/service and your company (brand) image.

Top Of Mind® is highly skilled for all of your quantitative and qualitative researches and guides you through your developing or adjusting marketing strategy. We call up these 2 methodologies to design your advertising or communication campaigns, to grasp your brands reputation, to select your packaging strategy, to understand the way your product/service is used. More globally, we are also skilled for media research and corporate image studies.

All our Services

Qualitative Studies

Top Of Mind® brings forth a powerful suite of qualitative marketing research services to understand the depth and range of consumer attitude and behaviour.

Quantitative Studies

Top Of Mind® carry out door-to-door interviews with family members, as well as in corporate workplaces – from top executives to employees, in a wide range of economic sectors.